Dear Creditcare Philippines Customers,

Through our network of brand name nationwide networks, we are able to extend lines of credit to 105 million Filipinos. We use technology, artificial intelligence and networks of brick and mortar locations to bring down costs and pass it on to our customers at lower interest rates.

The Philippines has the 5th highest electricity rates in the world. 10+ million people frequently get their electricity disconnected due to nonpayment and more than a quarter of customers throughout the country are overdue.

In solving this systemic issue, we have created the “Keep the Lights On Program” in partnership with the monopoly electricity provider, Meralco Utilities.

Recipients get their bill paid for and electricity to power their lights, refrigerators, air conditioners and enjoy a higher standard of living.

I’m committed to increasing financial access and encouraged by enhancing the lives of 350+ million customers through effective capitalism.


Julia G. Ko